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authorization letter for minor to travel

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CONSENT FOR MINOR CHILDREN TO TRAVEL Date: I (we): authorize my/our minor child(ren): to travel to: on: aboard Airline/Flight Number: and/or Cruise Ship: with: . Their expected date of return is
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Comments and Help with travel consent form

If children are travelling without their parents/legal guardian present, they may keep a travel consent form which allows them to travel unaccompanied. Written consent allows the child to travel on their own, or with an authorized chaperone, with less hassle. Although domestic travel does not require children under eighteen to show identification upon entering security checkpoints, a consent to travel form will increase ease and act as an insurance policy for unlikely situations.

The Minor Consent To Travel Domestic form is for children who are travelling domestically unaccompanied by legal guardians. Parents and guardians may find themselves needing to use this form if:

  • Their child is travelling alone and will be taking a plain, train, or ship, to their destination.

  • Their child is travelling on a school trip.

  • They are temporary caretakers of the minor.

  • Their child is travelling with friends or family members.

  • They have shared custody of their child, and the child is only travelling with a single parent or guardian.

This form does not need to be be accompanied by other Consent To Travel forms and combines authorization of medical coverage over the child.  However, in some cases, the Minor Consent To Travel form is accompanied by another Child Medical consent form. For children who are travelling with a chaperone other than their primary legal guardian/parent, in case of an emergency, authority must be given to the chaperone to authorize medical treatments and health information about the child.  In such cases, a medical consent form identifies the person being granted liability, provides specific information, and authorizes the chaperone to make medical decisions if needed.  

There is no strictly enforced term of validity for the form. The named child must keep a copy of the form when travelling, in order to present to immigration or security officers. However, since the form is to be signed in front of a Notary Public for best protection, it should be done well in advance of the trip.

The filler (parent/legal guardian of the child) should provide the following information as the form inquires:

  • Parent/Guardian names and personal information.

  • Destination being travelled to, dates of travel, and dates of return.

  • Airline number and/or cruise ship number.

  • If travelling with chaperone, list the name of the chaperone.

  • Signed authorization of consent by Parents/Legal guardians.

  • A signature and seal by the Notary Public

Before the travel date, the form must be signed and sealed by the Notary Public. When travelling, the form should  carried by the child and/or chaperone. If needed, the form should be presented at security checkpoints.